At Cryostar Industries, we specialize in laboratory freezer repair and lab equipment rentals. Our mission is to deliver five-star service to every lab, clinic, company or otherwise in the New York area.

Hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies and laboratories rely on our expertise to care for and maintain the quality and function of their equipment. Therefore, one of the central services we provide is ultra-low temperature freezer repair and maintenance.

Originally published on September 18, 2019, this post has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.

First, What are They Used For?

Ultra-low temperature freezers (or ULT freezers) range between -30 and -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Labs and clinics use them to store drugs, tissue samples, enzymes, and other biological materials. Obviously, their primary attribute is in the name. Because they reach incredibly low temperatures, they’re ideal for storing specific temperature-sensitive materials.

Basically, ULT freezers have become essential for clinical environments. Of course, lab technicians in many fields consider them to be a vital part of their work and research. Nowadays, with the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, they’re more critical than ever – not to work, but to public health. There are very specific storage requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine. While there are three different distributors, each of the vaccines must remain within temperatures that only ULT freezers are capable of reaching.


4 Ways ULT Freezers are an Asset to the Modern Lab

1. Sample Safety

First and foremost, the primary purpose of a ULT freezer is sample safety and preservation. When labs use defective equipment, they’re compromising several thousands of dollars’ worth of specimens. ULT freezers provide temperature stability within the internal chambers. This preserves the most valuable and delicate samples.

Without a doubt, keeping specimens intact gives everyone on the team peace of mind. Most freezer models have a seven-point contact silicone gasket, which prevents heat leaks. Also, this feature will preserve the specimens in the event of a power failure. Additionally, ULT freezers can quickly recover the low temperatures after the doors open. Modern lab freezers will ensure the samples within your freezer remain in stable, optimal condition.

2. Energy Efficiency

Modern ULT freezers not only function well, but also conserve energy. Of course, there are many models to choose from. However, the vast majority of ULT freezers use about 25% less energy than standard equipment. Therefore, since they use less energy, they emit less heat.

Moreover, ULT freezers are much quieter. They have a softer noise output, and will ensure a more functional, less distraction-prone work environment.

Using less energy will also save your lab money. Less energy use means operational savings. Countless lab administrators deal with the stress of struggling to keep operations within their allotted budget. ULT freezers are not only a vital part of effective research, but also for ensuring your lab remains as cost-efficient as possible.

ULT freezer -80 degree celsius for keeping specimens for laboratory testing in hospital. Front of digital refrigerator storage blood from patient for research in university

3. More Size Options

A variety of manufacturers and equipment suppliers offer ULT freezers in different models. No matter your storage needs, there are several ULT freezers to choose from to find the perfect fit for your lab. For a lab with a large volume of specimens and frequent use, an upright ultra-low temperature freezer permits easy access. Moreover, upright freezers have adjustable inner shelves and compartments, and usually cool much faster after it’s been opened.

There are also medium-sized “chest” ULT freezers. These freezers guarantee safe, long-term storage for samples. Chest-sized ultra-low temperature freezers are perfect for labs that don’t need to remove samples from storage on a frequent basis. Filling your freezer for efficiency is easier with chest ULT freezers.

ULT freezers come in even more compact options. For a smaller volume of materials, you can select a tabletop or under-bench model. Before choosing a size, take your clinic’s specimen intake into account. While most ULT freezers feature adjustable shelving and removable pieces, it’s important to ensure your freezer will meet your storage needs.

4. Keep Your Samples Secure

Keeping your samples secure is highly important. Most of the ultra-low temperature freezers on the market come with a range of security features. Of course, security features are essential for any ULT freezer with numerous users.

There are ULT freezers available that can only be accessed with an authorized keycard. With some, an alarm feature can be activated that will alert staff of an unauthorized user.

Some freezers even have fingerprint scanning, which guarantees your samples will not be compromised.



Whether you’re in biomedical engineering or standard diagnostics, top-of-the-line laboratory equipment is a must. At Cryostar, we repair and service a wide variety of equipment, including a focus on ultra-low temperature freezer repair. We can help you extend the life of your ULT freezer and keep it operating at its very highest performance capabilities.

As a laboratory repair service, we’re not only familiar with the best equipment on the market, we’re experts on it. Recently, ULT freezers are in unprecedented demand. If your clinic needs a ULT freezer for storing and handling the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s imperative to have a capable repair and calibration service on hand to protect your investment.

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