The centrifuge is an essential piece of lab equipment. Scientific labs rely on their efficient performance and functionality in order to ensure the best results. At Cryostar, we have both the experience and the knowledge to repair, maintain, and calibrate your centrifuge. We ensure that it runs as smoothly and safely as possible. In addition, we’ll ensure a consistent, reliable performance with no costly, inconvenient work disruptions.

No matter what your specific needs may be, we have the optimal solutions in place to keep your centrifuge working properly, and to the highest standards. Whether you need repairs, calibration, maintenance or otherwise, our expert technicians have the resources and proficiency to deliver exceptional results. At Cryostar, we maintain a commitment to ensuring your lab operates with no errors or downtime. Ultimately, we provide our clients with exceptional, stress-free and safe services.


Laboratory Centrifuge Repair

A centrifuge suddenly breaking can be catastrophic to your operations. Therefore, at Cryostar, our laboratory equipment repair services are refined to serve the goal of restoring functionality as quickly as possible. Additionally, our technicians are fully certified to repair a diverse variety of models from numerous manufacturers and suppliers. We don’t consider a repair complete until your centrifuge is once again operating at peak performance levels.

Our technicians are also experts at fast, accurate diagnosis. With unparalleled knowledge, experience and training, we’re able to assess your centrifuge and discern the root cause of the errors almost instantly. Whether the issue is mechanical or electronic, we have the right parts, technicians, tools and expertise for all lab centrifuges.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Usually, setbacks like errors and disrepair occur at the most inconvenient moments. Therefore, we offer 24-hour emergency services to ensure total, round-the-clock technical support. Our emergency services guarantee a rapid approach and swift, decisive repairs. At Cryostar, we understand the implicit urgency of equipment restoration. Also, we know that often, the tedious wait for repairs can be excruciating. Every second your centrifuge is out of commission is more costly and counterproductive to your lab. As a result, we’ve refined our 24-hour emergency services to be the ultimate, time-and-money-saving solution.

Regardless of the model or manufacturer, our expert techs have the experience necessary to remedy the issue with minimal downtime or work disruption. Ultimately, our primary goal is to provide the best repairs, at the fastest speed, at any time, with zero stress.


Centrifuge Calibration Services

Of course, your centrifuge may not be showing any obvious signs of mechanical errors or disrepair. However, that doesn’t mean each component is functioning perfectly. Without regular, precise calibration, it’s likely that your centrifuge is operating well below optimal performance levels. This can lead to serious problems –  first by producing insufficient results, then with mechanical breakdowns, and subsequently with serious work disruptions.

At Cryostar, we have calibration services in place to routinely refine your centrifuge’s components and guarantee it’s working to the very highest standards. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll test and calibrate your centrifuge to ensure it serves your lab with maximum results.

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Preventative Maintenance Plans for your Lab’s Centrifuges

In addition to repairs and calibration, our expert techs can provide regular, preventative maintenance for your centrifuge. By routinely examining, assessing and maintaining your device, we’ll guarantee consistent, seamless functionality and eliminate the possibility of sudden, costly errors.

Our maintenance services are the smartest, most cost-efficient and most reliable way to prevent errors before they have any impact on your lab. As part of your service agreement, our expert techs will thoroughly analyze and test your centrifuge (and all of its components) on a regular basis. As a result, we’ll be able to prevent costly and inconvenient disruptions in your operations.

Cryostar offers comprehensive preventative maintenance agreements. This includes full service agreements, which covers all parts and services, as well as loaner lab unit priority. Learn more on our Service Agreements page.

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