We provide a large surplus of loaner freezers available for immediate, same day delivery. Service Contract customers, as well as customers that are having lab equipment repaired by Cryostar, always have priority.

Loaner vs. Rental Lab Equipment

The difference between Loaner and Rental is quite simple. A Loaner is available for the duration of a repair, which is normally 5 to 10 business days, depending on the scope of the repair.

On the other hand, a Rental is for a short term or long-term basis for various reasons. A customer may need additional space for product due to renovations or is awaiting a newly purchased unit.

Whatever the reason, Cryostar can accommodate and arrange to meet your needs at that specific time.

We can supply a loaner/rental for most laboratory equipment.


Examples of Laboratory Loaner or Rental Equipment

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Refrigerators
Freezers CO2 Incubators
LN2 Freezers Glassware Washers
Cryostats Microtomes
Shakers Water Baths
Autoclaves Centrifuges
Ice machines CO2/LN2 Manifold Systems
Refrigerated Incubators
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