Scientists worldwide rely on laboratory CO2 incubators to perform at their best and deliver outstanding results. And when it comes to incubator repair and maintenance, Cryostar offers a variety of solutions to keep your incubators performing their best. Our CO2 incubator calibration, repair, and certification services are your one-stop solution. CO2 incubator services protect your investment and ensure contamination prevention.

CO2 Incubator Repairs

Bioscience labs can’t afford to have incubators compromised. You need stable temperature, humidity and performance. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of CO2 incubator repair services. And, we have 24-hour emergency availability to always keep your unit functioning.

Our expert technicians are factory trained and certified by a wide variety of manufacturers. And they provide technical support, installation expertise and super-fast repair turnaround. Additionally, we rely on NIST-calibrated equipment for high quality repairs. Cryostar offers flexible service agreements, customized to fit the needs of you and your lab.


CO2 Incubator Calibration & Maintenance

Of course, all bioscientists rely on their CO2 incubators to store and preserve cell cultures. And without precise control, months of research can go to waste if your CO2 incubator is malfunctioning. Additionally, the calibration of your incubator will ensure optimal conditions in order to protect your specimens.

With state-of-the-art tests and equipment, Cryostar offers calibration to verify your CO2 incubator is operating to full potential. Our technicians perform tests certified to N.I.S.T. standards. Essentially, these guarantee your unit meets quality requirements and produces outstanding results.

Additionally, our technicians can provide your CO2 incubator with preventative maintenance, decontamination and part replacements. And with routine maintenance and calibration, it can save your lab time and expenses in the future.

A scientist in sterile coverall gown placing cell culture flasks in the CO2 incubator. Doing biological research in clean environment. Cleanroom facility

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CO2 Incubator Certification

Cryostar offers testing and certification for CO2 incubators. Using a wide range of techniques, we can verify they are performing at their highest capability. Each CO2 incubator is certified to meet NSF-49 guidelines and manufacturer specifications. Our technicians meet strict standard operating procedures (SOPs), which are in compliance with Federal and International Safety guidelines.

With routine certification, you can be sure your incubator is maintaining optimal temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. We perform a series of tests to evaluate the performance of your unit along with certification. Also, we provide official documentation for your lab verifying the results.


Cryostar’s Service Areas:

  • Cryostar’s primary office is located in Westbury, NY. However, we have a team of technicians ready to be dispatched throughout NY State, Connecticut, and New Jersey. If you call our office during regular business hours, we’ll have a technician dispatched to your facility within a few hours.
Long Island Office
109 Urban Ave.
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Bronx, NY

Servicing: The Bronx, Manhattan, Yonkers, Westchester & surrounding areas

Albany, NY

Servicing: Albany, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Oneonta & surrounding areas

Piscataway, NJ

Servicing: Piscataway, Northern & Central New Jersey, Newark, Princeton & surrounding areas

Danbury, CT

Servicing: Danbury, Bridgewater, Fairfield, New Haven & surrounding areas

24-Hour Emergency Service 1-800-564-5513
  • No matter what time of day your lab equipment needs servicing, Cryostar is available for your emergency needs. Of course, the proper functioning of your equipment is vital to your lab’s operations. Therefore, we’re committed to providing professional, reasonable rates and prompt service when you need it.


CO2 Incubator Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance:
Cryostar’s preventative maintenance is designed to provide facilities with optimal performance and stability. First, our technicians inspect, test, clean, repair and validate that your unit’s primary functions are operating with absolute precision. Cultured cells grown in CO2 incubators are often the product of months (or years) of careful research. Therefore, it’s important to minimize loss with preventative maintenance. Cryostar’s maintenance is the most effective way to prevent malfunctions in the future.

Full Service Agreements:
A full service agreement with Cryostar is a guarantee that your CO2 incubator will remain functional and well maintained. Additionally, with a full service agreement, your lab receives peace of mind. Our technicians will regularly attend to your incubator’s needs. This includes on-site repair, part replacements, unlimited technical support or emergency service.



Some Brands We Service:

Thermo Scientific logo

Thermo Scientific Incubators:
  • Thermo Series
  • Heraeus Series
  • Barnstead Series
  • Forma Series
  • Napco Series
  • Revco Series
  • Jouan Series
Panasonic logo

Panasonic Biomedical Incubators:
  • Cell-IQ Series
  • CytoGrow Series
  • MIR Series
  • PHCbi Series
Fisher Scientific logo

Fisher Scientific Incubators:
  • IsoTemp CO2 Incubators
  • Large-Capacity Reach-In CO2 Incubators
  • Steri-Cult CO2 Incubators
  • Heracell VIOS 16Oi CO2 Incubators

These are just a few of the lab CO2 Incubator models and manufacturers we provide certification, repair & maintenance services for. Please contact us for a full list.