Laboratory environmental chambers are critical research tools in several fields. Food sciences, biological, electronic and environmental sciences rely on them for work and research. And, Cryostar offers a dynamic selection of environmental chamber repair services to keep your lab as functional and efficient as possible.

These chambers rely on many components to replicate a specific environmental setting. Therefore, they require professional, expert services to maintain, repair, install and calibrate them. Our technicians are factory trained and certified by leading industry manufacturers. Additionally, we offer 24-hour emergency services.

Environmental Chamber Repairs

At Cryostar Industries, we know the important role that environmental chambers play for your work and research. Therefore, we know that errors and disrepair simply cannot happen. Obviously, it’s not simply an inconvenience. In addition, it can have negative, long-term consequences for your lab. Often, months (or even years) of environmental chamber research can go to waste with one temporary breakdown. Also, you may face production delays, quality issues, unnecessary expenses and more.

Naturally, we understand the urgent need for swift, reliable repair. Therefore, our services have been refined to be as fast, convenient and effective for you as possible. Above all, we keep your needs as our top priority throughout each and every step of the way.

Emergency Repair Services:
Fortunately, we can provide emergency on-site visits or operating system guidance. Our technicians are factory trained and certified by leading manufacturers.

With incomparable experience and training, we’ll get your chamber operating to full capacity again as quickly as possible. Additionally, we ensure your chamber maintains precise temperature, humidity, light, corrosion and vibration. Ultimately, we guarantee a fully-functional chamber by time we finish – and a fast turnaround time to get your team back to work.

General Repair Services:
Ultimately, preventative repairs will keep your lab functional and cost-efficient. Our repair services are the safest, surest way to protect your investment. In short, they will keep your lab’s environmental chamber operating to its full potential.

Environmental Chamber Installation

Our technicians are fully certified not only to repair and maintain your environmental chamber, but also to install it. Cryostar has decades of experience installing equipment in labs all across the Tri-State area. Cryostar is your one-stop solution. And, our support staff will guide you through the entire process, from the plans to the installation itself.

Additionally, we offer each lab quotes which we customize to meet your needs. Also, we provide on-site visits to assess your facility and decide which program meets your lab’s requirements. Then, we’ll provide the best equipment and installation to meet your needs. Ultimately, our goal is to get your chamber operating as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Testing equipment inside environmental chamber in laboratory

Environmental Chamber Calibration

Naturally, calibration services are the most reliable way to ensure your equipment is operating to the highest industry standards. Our technicians perform calibration using test equipment to NIST standards. Also, during calibration, we’ll provide you with documentation for each unit calibrated. We affix environmental chambers with a report label, linking it to the calibration documents. All of our calibration reports meet F.D.A. and ISO 9000 requirements. Furthermore, services can be provided on-site or within our ISO 17025-accredited calibration laboratory.

Calibration services verify and guarantee that your environmental chamber is maintaining perfect temperature, humidity, light, and vibration capability. And, with Cryostar’s environmental chamber calibration services, your equipment will deliver the best and most reliable results possible.

Environmental Chamber Certification

Cryostar offers a range of environmental chamber certification services. Essentially, we verify that your unit is maintaining precise environmental conditions. Lab certification is important for a myriad of reasons. We ensure each chamber meets NSF-49 guidelines and manufacturer specifications. Our technicians adhere to standard operating procedures, which remain in compliance with Federal and International Safety guidelines. In addition, on-site certification will keep your chamber functional and lab personnel safe.

During certification, we employ a series of intricate tests. These tests verify that the environmental chamber is maintaining optimal temperature, humidity, light, corrosion and vibration features. We not only perform tests to evaluate performance, but also provide complete documents for your lab confirming the results.


Cryostar’s Service Areas:

  • Cryostar’s primary office is located in Westbury, NY. However, we have a team of technicians ready to dispatch throughout NY State, Connecticut, and New Jersey.
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24-Hour Emergency Service 1-800-564-5513
  • No matter what time your lab equipment needs service, Cryostar is available for any emergency. The proper functioning of your scientific equipment is vital to your lab operations. Therefore, we’re committed to providing  reasonable rates, and prompt service when you need it.


Laboratory Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance:
Cryostar’s preventative maintenance contracts provide labs with consistent, high performance and stability. Basically, our technicians test, clean, repair, and confirm your unit’s functions are operating smoothly. Obviously, no lab can afford disruptions in their work; and lab maintenance of any kind can be a daunting task. Having an environmental chamber preventative maintenance contract is the surest way to avoid the inconvenience. Ultimately, disruptions cost your lab time and money. Cryostar’s maintenance plans are the most effective way to prevent malfunctions in the future.

Full Service Agreements:
A full service agreement with Cryostar is a guarantee that your environmental chamber remains functional for the duration of its life. Basically, with a full service agreement, your lab receives constant maintenance. Therefore, you also receive peace of mind.

Our expert technicians will regularly attend to your environmental chamber’s needs. Therefore, this includes on-site repair, part replacements, technical support or 24-hour emergency service. Basically, a full service agreement with Cryostar is unlimited protection from the expense and inconvenience of technical malfunctions.