Did you know that your freezer will use less energy if it’s full? An easy way to make your laboratory freezer more efficient is to fill it to capacity. Additionally, filling your freezer properly by using these quick tips can help your lab efficiency.

Why Does a Filling a Freezer Use Less Energy?

Once your freezer is up and running, the most energy usage comes from needing to cool down the air after you open the door. Opening the freezer door allows warm air in, while cold air escapes. When the freezer is full, there is less room for warm air to occupy. Additionally, the items in there will help cool down any warm air that enters.


Combine Freezer Contents

There may be many freezers of different sizes and capacities at your facility. An easy way to save energy is to combine the contents. Keeping a small freezer full will use less energy than keeping a large freezer mostly empty.


Remove Frost and Ice Buildup

Frost is inevitable. When the cold and warm air meet, the water vapors will freeze and leave layers of frost on the door and shelves of your freezer. Regularly defrosting your freezer will help improve efficiency, and make sure your freezer door is sealed tightly.


Keep Common Items Towards the Front

Opening the freezer door uses energy, so you want to limit the amount of time it stays open. In order to maintain efficiency, you should keep common and regularly used items towards the front so that the door doesn’t need to stay open as much.


Avoid Placing Warm Samples in the Freezer

Some ULT freezers are built more for storing frozen samples, rather than freezing them. Filling your freezer with hot or warm samples will reduce its efficiency. For facilities that need to freeze warm samples, consider using a blast freezer before putting them into long term storing in your ULT freezer.


Keep the Freezer Full

As stated above, freezers work best when stocked. As a best practice, we recommend keeping the unit at least 30% full. If you are not able to do so with samples, so there are other items you can use. Items like water bottles and freezer gel packs can help stabilize the interior temperature.

Female scientist with blue gloves on the hand and white uniform putting research samples in ULT freezer

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