Without the right equipment, a lab is doomed to failure. At Cryostar Industries, we know just how critical it is for labs to find the right equipment for their work. Very often, lab equipment can be costly. Essentially, whether it’s lab equipment rental, certification or lab freezer repair services, managing equipment can be demanding.

Naturally, each lab needs to acquire their equipment. First, this begins by finding the right lab equipment supplier. Most lab managers know how difficult this can be. So, a customer-vendor relationship in the scientific field is crucial to a lab’s success.

So how do you go about finding the right lab equipment supplier? What needs to be taken into consideration when looking for one? Below, you’ll find four important matters to consider when looking for a supplier.


1. Determine Lab Equipment Needs

Naturally, this is the best place to start. Before you search for a laboratory equipment supplier, it’s important to establish certain things first. Basically, you want to have the most thorough, detailed and specific blueprint for the work you plan to accomplish with the equipment.

Additionally, this does not just involve establishing what you plan to do – but also, who must do it. Prior to buying equipment, it’s important to know what kind of technician must operate it. Obviously, you’ll also need to know how many people you’ll need to do it. If you lock in a team of proficient technicians, they’ll require minimal training, prioritize lab safety and know how to troubleshoot the equipment.

With all of these factors planned in advance, you’ll know what to look for in your supplier.

2. Ask Technical Questions

A foolproof way to find a good lab equipment supplier is to ask them specific, technical questions. Ask them detailed questions regarding your work and the performance of the equipment. Be sure to ask about process outcomes, equipment maintenance, speed, quantities, etc.

These intricate questions can serve a few purposes. First and foremost, it will establish their knowledge of the equipment. If the supplier can reply using the right terms, they’re familiar with the machinery. It’s also a good way to assess their experience. Essentially, most competent suppliers should have already been asked that question.

Another important factor in their response is how long it takes them to reply. Basically, if it takes them a very long time to contact you, this most likely won’t improve over time. Remember: a customer-vendor relationship depends on communication. Most likely, you’ll have several questions for them in the future. If they don’t reply quickly, it’ll most likely cause you a tremendous amount of problems down the road.

3. Carefully Examine Quotes

Lab equipment is expensive. And no lab can afford to not be cost-efficient. Basically, anyone who’s ever worked in a lab knows this. However, that doesn’t mean you should be overpaying. An honest and competent supplier does not take advantage of their customers.

Once you’ve been presented with the quote for the equipment, your supplier should be willing to discuss (in detail) each line item. Additionally, they should have a sensible and detailed explanation for each charge. An excellent rule of thumb for you is: if you feel uncomfortable about any item, you shouldn’t purchase.

If your potential supplier can explain the presence of each line item, they most likely possess the technical knowledge you need. Finally, if they can’t explain each charge adequately, then it shouldn’t be on the quote.

4. Discuss the Lab Equipment Installation Process

The installation phase is essential to assessing your supplier. Many good suppliers will make an on-site visit to your facility. This way, they can provide installation guidance, verify size/space and discern which of their technicians will be installing it.

Naturally, the purpose of this is to guarantee that the process is accomplished smoothly and correctly. Additionally, it’s a way to ensure that you, the customer, are fully aware of the correct operating procedures.

If a vendor lacks expertise, they will not consider this of much importance. Most likely, they won’t have a reliable installation process in place to ensure their customers are taken care of.



At Cryostar Industries, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best equipment services to our customers. Customer service and technical expertise are just a few of the factors that make us the leading equipment rental and repair service in the Tri-State Area.

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