Lab Equipment Repair & Calibration Services in New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut | 24 Hour Emergency Services

Located on Long Island, Cryostar Industries, Inc. specializes in the maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment in many major hospitals, teaching universities, pharmaceutical companies and laboratory facilities. We are fully trained to repair and service a wide assortment of scientific equipment such as:

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Refrigerators Freezers
CO2 Incubators LN2 Freezers Glassware Washers
Chillers Environmental Chambers & Rooms (including installation) Water Systems
Cell Washers Cryostats Microtomes
Water Baths Shakers Centrifuges
Autoclaves Cold Traps Lyophilizes
Ice machines Walk-In Refrigerators/ Freezers CO2/LN2 Manifold Systems
Furnace Ovens Refrigerated Incubators
Morgue Refrigerators Body Lift Tables Cage & Rack Washers
Tunnel Washers Bottle Washers Bedding Dispensers & Removal Systems
Bottle Filling Stations Nourishment Stations Ice & Water Dispensers

A full list can be provided upon request and we are always willing to be trained on new merchandise that come on to market.
Cryostar prides themselves with experience, commitment to excellence and dedication to the quality of service provided.

Cryostar’s Service Areas:

  • Cryostar’s primary office is located in Westbury, NY. However, we have a team of technicians ready to be dispatched 24 hours a day throughout NY State, Connecticut, and New Jersey. If you call our office during regular business hours, we’ll have a technician en route to your facility within a few hours.
Long Island Office
109 Urban Ave.
Westbury, NY 11590
Servicing: Nassau & Suffolk Counties
Bronx, NY
Servicing: The Bronx, Manhattan, Yonkers, Westchester & surrounding areas
Albany, NY
Servicing: Albany, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Oneonta & surrounding areas
Piscataway, NJ
Servicing: Piscataway, Northern & Central New Jersey, Newark, Princeton & surrounding areas
Danbury, CT
Servicing: Danbury, Bridgewater, Fairfield, New Haven & surrounding areas

24-Hour Emergency Service 1-800-564-5513

  • No matter what time of day your lab equipment needs servicing, Cryostar is available for your emergency needs. Of course, the proper functioning of your equipment is vital to your lab’s operations. Therefore, we’re committed to providing professional, reasonable rates and prompt service when you need it.
Three images stitched together depicting smiling laboratory equipment technician, clean lab surfaces, and decontaminated and certified incubators

Our Many Scientific Equipment Services Include:

  • Service Agreements

    Several types of agreements are available ranging from preventative maintenance to full-service agreements. N.I.S.T. can be added to any level of agreement. Our salespersons will meet and walk thru your facility to guide you with which agreement suites your needs and along with our staff finalizing the process.
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  • Ice & Water Dispenser Sanitization

    Cryostar will provide periodic cleaning/sanitizing and preventative maintenance upon request to ensure peak performance and delivery of clean, sanitary ice. The recommended cleaning procedures that follow should be performed at least frequently as recommended, and more often if environmental conditions dictate.
  • Hospital Refrigeration

    Cryostar service all aspects of kitchen refrigeration equipment from ice machines, nourishment stations, walk in coolers, walk in freezers and blast freezers. Cryostar understands the importance of maintaining of proper temperature levels for food storage which is regulated on a continuous basis by State officials.
  • Calibration / NIST Validation Service

    Cryostar Industries, provides calibration service using test and measurement equipment certified to N.I.S.T. traceable standards. Complete documentation is provided for each service unit calibrated. Report labels are affixed to all units which directly link calibration documentation to each individual unit. Our calibration procedures and reports meet F.D.A. and ISO 9000 requirements
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  • Sales and Installation

    Cryostar specializes in the installation of voltage boosting/voltage stabilization equipment, single and multiple ULT Freezer backup systems, chart recorders, CO2 / LN2 manifold systems and mechanical or electronic equipment security locks. Cryostar sells, installs and services many types of dial out alarm systems, local monitoring systems and data logging data. Our experienced salespersons can guide you and will customize quotes based on your requests.
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  • Loaner & Rental Equipment

    Cryostar always has a large surplus of loaner freezers available for immediate, same day delivery. We have a wide assortment of loaner equipment which ranges from +4° to – 86°c, -140° and LN2 freezers including Cryostats, CO2 Incubators and Centrifuges. Loaner freezers can also be delivered cold to your lab practically eliminating the risk of product/material loss.
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  • Freezer/Laboratory Equipment Transportation

    We can transport your laboratory equipment to or from any location in the Northeast Region. Equipment can be transported at temperature in our specially designed trucks complete with power generation.
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  • In-Lab Deliveries

    New equipment ranging from freezers to incubators to biosafety cabinets can be received and test run upon request, at our service center. We can deliver and install the unit in your lab by our factory trained personnel. N.I.S.T. equipment validation and equipment certification can be added to any delivery.
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  • Equipment Disposal Services

    Cryostar can decontaminate, remove from your location and properly dispose of your laboratory equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.
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