A morgue refrigerator is a critical piece of equipment for any hospital or mortuary. Not only does it keep the bodies from decomposing, but it also protects them and staff from any contaminants.

A properly maintained morgue refrigerator is the best way to store bodies waiting for autopsy. Furthermore, they are best maintained by a professional scientific equipment maintenance company like Cryostar. However, in between regular maintenance and calibration services, there are some simple steps you can take in order to keep it functioning properly.

This blog post will discuss 4 simple steps you should take to maintain your morgue refrigerator.

1) Keep Your Morgue Fridge Clean

Cleaning your morgue refrigerator is a simple task that should be done on a regular basis. Keeping the morgue refrigerator clean ensures it will function properly and that it is free from contaminants.

Bodies and other biological specimens are cleaned and prepped in sterile bags before entering the morgue fridge. However, environmental elements can still build up inside and outside the unit.

You want to wipe down all surfaces with either a paper towel or cloth rag. It should be slightly damp with cleaning solution.

Additionally, keeping the glass or stainless steel door clean and streak-free promotes an healthy looking environment for your staff to work in.

2) Check Morgue Fridge Gasket Seals Regularly

If morgue refrigerator gasket seals are compromised, it can cause several problems. First, it could be the source of foul odors in your morgue or autopsy suite. Next, it will compromise the temperature and condensation.

You should inspect gasket seals regularly for any tears that may have occurred which would allow air to escape.

When you identify a problem with the seal early, you can replace it. However, if it goes on for too long, they can fail entirely and compromise the integrity of the unit. The last thing you want is an entire morgue fridge failing due to one broken seal! This means having to move all bodies out while waiting on repairs. In extreme cases, some facilities need to replace their units entirely.

broken refrigerator door seal. appliance repair service concept. replace fridge door sealant or gasket.

3) Check for Ice Buildup on The Morgue Fridge Unit

Another thing that hospital morgue or funeral mortuary workers should check is for ice buildup on the unit.

The reason being, if you have a morgue refrigerator with water lines inside of it, then there are very likely to be small leaks in those lines which will allow ice to form around them. Eventually, this will damage the morgue refrigerator itself.

On the other hand, this can occur even without any sort of water line hookup. Basically, air entering into the unit can create ice build up. Typically, this is due to a faulty seal.

4) Schedule Regular Maintenance with a Qualified Company

Cryostar of New York offers morgue refrigerator maintenance services which can help to keep your unit running efficiently.

Going through the above steps will give you a good idea of what it takes to maintain morgue refrigerators on your own. However, having a quality repair company come out and check things regularly is key.

Your morgues should be serviced at least once per year. Operating on this time line, any issues can be caught before they worsen or cause further problems. This way, everything will remain clean and safe for those who work in your morgue or mortuary as well as those who pass through them during their time of need.

Is it Time to Have Your Morgue/Mortuary Refrigerator Repaired?

Keeping your morgue refrigerator in top shape is important for the safety of those who use it. Additionally, it ensures that your valuable scientific equipment continues functioning at its best. If you have any questions about how to maintain or service your freezer, contact us today!

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