collection of laboratory glassware equipment

Basic Laboratory Glassware and Equipment

Picture the modern lab. What do you see? Chances are, you’re picturing a lot of complex instruments and glassware. And you wouldn’t be wrong! Every lab, regardless of industry, relies on equipment and glassware. They’re an integral accessory to any lab’s work. However, are you familiar with the purpose of every glass beaker or pipette  … Read more

Hands in blue gloves holding pipette and test tube with poured blue chemical which placed on blurred background

The Best Pipettes for Your Lab

Part of keeping a lab functional is acquiring the right equipment for the job. Everything from CO2 incubators to fume hoods need thorough evaluation prior to purchasing. This way, you can be certain that the significant investment you’re making will provide maximum benefits. When it comes to pipettes, one of the most common lab tools,  … Read more

Microbiologist. Working in the fume hood. Researcher working with a Pipette in a Biochemistry Lab

Choosing the Right Fume Hood For Your Lab

For years, Cryostar has assisted labs in acquiring the best lab equipment for their work. Finding the right laboratory equipment isn’t just about being able to do your work. It’s also about keeping lab personnel safe, optimizing results, and ensuring consistent reliability. Choosing the right fume hood for you lab can be overwhelming. Finding the  … Read more

Thermal and humidity chamber for products testing

Troubleshooting: Environmental Testing Chambers

For lab managers, lab equipment breakdowns can be one of the most inconvenient and stressful things that can happen. Obviously, environmental testing chamber units are intricate, complex and expensive. Therefore, malfunctions and disrepair are every lab worker’s worst nightmare. At Cryostar, we work every day to resolve these problems as swiftly and efficiently as possible.  … Read more

Male technician servicing lab equipment

Lab Equipment Care & Maintenance 101

All of our services at Cryostar, from lab equipment calibration to repairs, are about keeping laboratories working to their highest potential. Obviously, all lab employees know how complex and expensive their equipment is. Therefore, it’s important to make sure it’s being cared for. Otherwise, costly and disruptive problems can occur. Does your lab have a  … Read more

mobile walk in refrigerator or cold room storage for labs and hospitals

COVID-19 Response: Mobile Refrigerators/Cold Rooms

The world at large is still doing its best to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19. Obviously, it’s been quite a challenge across the board. Here in New York, most businesses are still inactive, we’re still social distancing and soon we’ll prepare to slowly reopen. At Cryostar, we’ve done our part to adjust to the  … Read more

Research team in PPE working in mobile laboratory rental unit

COVID-19 Response: Rental Mobile Laboratory Units

Unfortunately, the country is still experiencing the consequences of COVID-19. Hospitals and morgues all over New York and Long Island are at maximum capacity. Therefore, we’re working tirelessly to provide every facility we can with mobile morgue units. In addition, we continue to work on your behalf with our new mobile lab units. At Cryostar  … Read more

mobile cold room rental trailer for hospitals and labs

COVID-19: Mobile Morgue Trailer Rentals in High Demand

All across the country, we are experiencing many consequences of the novel coronavirus. And, in hospitals in New York and on Long Island, our morgues are at maximum capacity. Therefore, mobile morgue trailer rentals are in high demand. At Cryostar Industries, we’re passionate about keeping labs and essential workers safe. In our previous post, we  … Read more

Washing hand after finishing work in biomedical research experimental teaching laboratory

Keeping Lab Workers Safe From COVID-19

COVID-19 is sweeping across the country. As a result, most businesses have been shut down. However, many workers in the scientific community have been deemed “essential.” Therefore, social distancing is not an option for them. Cryostar Industries has already made a statement on the CDC’s recommendations for basic lab safety. In this post, we’ll break  … Read more

Thermal and humidity chamber for products testing

Understanding the Basics of Environmental Chambers

Environmental test chambers are critical tools in several fields. Often, another term for them is “climatic chambers” or “climate chambers.” In laboratories, we rely on them to test the effects of certain environmental conditions. Specifically, they test these effects on biological specimens, electronics, and industrial products, to name a few. In most industries, lab research  … Read more