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Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Lab

Like most businesses, you may be looking for green solutions. There are simple and immediate actions you can take for a more eco-friendly lab. Laboratories require a lot of resources. Generally speaking, these resources have a large carbon footprint. While most of these issues are out of your control, a few simple changes can help  … Read more

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How to Fill Your Freezer for Efficiency

Did you know that your freezer will use less energy if it’s full? An easy way to make your laboratory freezer more efficient is to fill it to capacity. Additionally, filling your freezer properly by using these quick tips can help your lab efficiency. Why Does a Filling a Freezer Use Less Energy? Once your  … Read more

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4 Ways to Extend the Life of a ULT Freezer

ULT freezers are designed specially for blood banks, hospitals, research institutes, and other facilities. These freezers will contain materials such as bacteria, virus, blood, and semen. The type of freezer you choose will depend on what you need to keep cold and where it needs to be placed. While these freezers are built to be  … Read more

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Danbury CT: Laboratory Freezer & Refrigerator Repairs

Located in Fairfield County, the city of Danbury has many labs in its hospitals and schools. With a certified technician in the area, Cryostar can dispatch help when you need it. All of our technicians are factory trained and certified by the lab equipment manufacturers. Emergency Freezer Service Cryostar is available 24 hours a day,  … Read more

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How to Check Freezer Gasket Seals

Lab freezers rely on a gasket to maintain a seal on the door. This will keep cool air in, and hot air out. A freezer gasket seal that is not working properly can have a huge impact on your freezer’s efficiency. When the freezer gasket is damaged, dirty, or worn, your freezer will need to  … Read more

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Lab Freezer & Refrigerator Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment

Whether at a university or hospital, your laboratory refrigerators and freezers must be maintained for efficiency. Ultra-low freezer repair service and maintenance should always be carried out by a factory trained technician. However, there are a few easy steps you can take towards preventative maintenance. Top 4 Best Practices for Lab Freezers & Refrigerators These  … Read more