A scientist in sterile coverall gown placing cell culture flasks in the CO2 incubator. Doing biological research in clean environment

5 Important Diagnostic Testing Devices

Have you ever found yourself wondering how so many labs can perform the tests they do? Countless laboratories collaborate with clinics and medical practices to provide patients with state-of-the-art diagnostic testing services. Ultimately, these diagnostic instruments can help doctors detect any insidious medical diseases, viruses, disorders or pathogens as early as possible.  The equipment that  … Read more

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Lab’s Overall Safety & Efficiency

Labs are not easy facilities to manage.  Proper efficiency measures keep your lab running smoothly, cost-efficiently and productively. Furthermore, safety protocols eliminate the risk of error and hazards to personnel. Therefore, it’s critical to implement specific policies which enhance both efficiency and safety. In this post, we’ll explore three ways how.  3 Simple Tips for  … Read more

Modern Medical Research Laboratory: Two Scientists Use Computer with Screen Showing DNA Gene Analysis

3 Tips to Stimulate Medical Lab Workflow

Nowadays, more than ever before, medical labs all over the globe must refine their setup to fulfill the unprecedented needs of patients. And they must also remain in compliance with all local, state and federal safety regulations. For several years, many in the medical community have been insisting on implementing these changes. Specifically, there’s been  … Read more

CO2 Incubator, medical equipment room in hospital

How to Keep Your CO2 Incubator Operating Properly 

A CO2 incubator is vital to any lab. Furthermore, the cells being studied are paramount to biomedical research. They also tend to be delicate and require a specific environment to grow in. This is where the CO2 incubators come in. Keeping this essential lab equipment clean and working properly is an important aspect of lab  … Read more

Closeup of a modern robotic machine for blood centrifugation and urinalysis. Hospital laboratories, automatic biochemical analyzer.

What to Consider When Choosing a Centrifuge

There is a large amount of manufacturers and models, as well as basic maintenance requirements to think about when choosing lab equipment. As a result, the task can be daunting. These devices are complex, costly and require serious deliberation. Therefore, it’s critical to research in advance what to consider when choosing the right equipment for  … Read more

Female scientist with blue gloves on the hand and white uniform putting research samples in ULT freezer

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers 101

With the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, ULT freezers are more important (and in-demand) than ever. But what exactly is a ULT freezer? How do they work and how can you keep yours working for as long as possible? In this post, we’ll give you a basic overview of ULT freezers and give you some  … Read more

Blur abstract background of ultra low temperature freezer for specimens storage in laboratory testing in medical hospital.Blurry view rows of refrigerators for research in university

Why Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers are Essential for the Modern Lab

At Cryostar Industries, we specialize in laboratory freezer repair and lab equipment rentals. Our mission is to deliver five-star service to every lab, clinic, company or otherwise in the New York area. Hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies and laboratories rely on our expertise to care for and maintain the quality and function of their equipment. Therefore,  … Read more

Microcentrifuge Tubes on lab bench with red substance

Keeping Your Lab Equipment Calibrated – A Guide

Originally posted on November 8, 2019, this post has been updated for accuracy and relevancy. In most scientific industries, data is the primary incentive governing everyday work. Therefore, labs use complex, expensive equipment to produce reliable readings. Of course, many scientists affirm that science is only as good as the tools of the scientist. As  … Read more

Close-up of a scientist in protective suit with hazardous blue chemical in flask at the laboratory

7 Common Lab Safety Symbols

In any lab setting, the highest priority must always be safety. Of course, it’s no secret that lab workers often execute dangerous tasks and handle lethal substances. Therefore, maintaining high precautionary standards is essential to keeping personnel safe at all times. At Cryostar Industries, we have almost twenty years of experience in providing expert equipment services  … Read more

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5 Simple Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Lab

Just about every single industry is actively looking for new ways to implement earth-conscious policies. Of course, scientific industries are no exception. Like most other businesses, you’re likely looking for green solutions regularly. Fortunately, there are simple, immediate actions you can take for a more eco-friendly lab. For the most part, laboratories require a lot of  … Read more