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Important Considerations When Choosing a Lab Equipment Supplier

Without the right equipment, a lab is doomed to failure. At Cryostar Industries, we know just how critical it is for labs to find the right equipment for their work. Very often, lab equipment can be costly. Essentially, whether it’s lab equipment rental, certification or lab freezer repair services, managing equipment can be demanding. Naturally,  … Read more

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The 5 Basics of Lab Maintenance

If your lab is looking to remain as efficient or eco-friendly as possible, there are specific guidelines in place to guarantee you meet your goal. Essentially, if you place a high priority on smooth operations, there are five critical tenets to keep in mind. In this post, we’ll explore the five tenets of lab maintenance.  … Read more

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5 Important Considerations When Choosing a Lab Refrigerator or Freezer

At Cryostar Industries, we understand the importance of selecting the right refrigerator or freezer for your lab. It’s one of the most important factors in managing your daily operations. You might think that it’s as simple as choosing the one that looks best, with the highest storage capacity. However, believe it or not, there are  … Read more

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7 Common Lab Safety Symbols

At Cryostar Industries, we’ve provided laboratory equipment repairs and rentals to the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area for years. We’ve always placed a high priority on service and efficiency. However, we also place the very highest value on lab safety. Many scientific work environments can be dangerous. Therefore, everyone who enters any kind  … Read more

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A General Guide to Pipette Calibration

Cryostar Industries is a leading provider of pipette calibration services. In previous posts, we’ve discussed calibration and its importance. Calibration is a critical part of running a functional and efficient lab. Calibrating your instruments ensures that your data is reliable and your readings are accurate. One of the many instruments you should keep calibrated is  … Read more

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Keeping Your Lab Equipment Calibrated – A Guide

Cryostar has been New York’s leading laboratory equipment calibration service since 1989. And throughout the years, we’ve developed an expertise in the logistics of operating high-functioning labs. Naturally, in any scientific industry, data is the principle reason for the work. Labs rely on intricate (and expensive) equipment to produce reliable readings. Many scientists believe that  … Read more

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4 Hospital Refrigeration Units Needing Repair

Hospital refrigeration units are important for long-term storage, as well as day-to-day activities. They are used for storage and preparation for both food and medical needs. Refrigeration equipment in hospitals are depended upon for keeping important goods spoiling. Whether its an ice machine on the hospital floor or freezers for medicine, these units will need  … Read more

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5 Tips to Running a Cost-Efficient Lab

Anyone who works in a lab knows how easily things can go wrong. Lab equipment is delicate and often expensive. A few missteps can lead to costly problems. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain a lab and prevent costly disasters from happening. Lab workers can keep their lab cost-efficient and productive with just a few  … Read more

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3 Important Things to Know When Selling Used Lab Equipment

When it comes to scientific research, changes are inevitable. In the scientific community, using the right equipment to further your research is critical. Cryostar Industries specializes in lab equipment rental and lab repair service, so we understand the importance and the specifics of laboratory equipment. We’re familiar not just with the importance of lab equipment,  … Read more

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Why Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers are Essential for the Modern Lab

At Cryostar Industries, we specialize in laboratory freezer repair and lab equipment rentals. Hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies and laboratories rely on our expertise to maintain the quality and function of their equipment. As a leading laboratory repair service, one of the areas we specialize in is ultra-low temperature freezer repair. What is a ULT Freezer?  … Read more