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5 Benefits to Upgrading Your Lab Equipment

As all lab managers know, buying brand-new lab equipment isn’t exactly a modest cost. To avoid the expenses of new lab equipment, many facilities try to make their devices last as long as possible. However, it’s important to know the distinction between being economical and using your equipment past its expiration date. Doing so can  … Read more

pipette calibration

Questions to Ask Your Pipette Calibration Provider

A lab pipette requires thorough service on a consistent basis. Typically, labs need them at least once every six months, to ensure optimal performance. However, not every calibration provider offers high-quality, reliable services. Options you might be considering for your pipette calibration include sending your units to a third-party company, having a technician come into  … Read more

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The Best Sterilization Methods For Your Lab

Sterilization is a process that destroys and removes all forms of life present in a certain region. It accomplishes this by use of physical or chemical means. Autoclaves, for example, steam-sterilize by using high pressure and heat. Another sterilization-by-heating technique uses infrared to kill microorganisms in a few seconds using temperatures up to 1500°F/815°C. On  … Read more

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3 Ways to Keep Your Cleanroom Green

All cleanrooms must maintain airflow, operate decontamination equipment, and discard used cleaning supplies. These can lead to prohibitive costs, both to lab owners and the environment. We’re living in an era when corporate responsibility plays a key role in public perception. Therefore, failing to manage these costs could even result in long-term damage to both  … Read more

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7 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Lab’s Refrigerator

Laboratory refrigerators are meant for long-term, reliable storage of temperature-sensitive samples. Just like any lab equipment, failing to follow proper maintenance practices could lead to malfunctioning or failure.  To maximize the efficiency of lab refrigerators, the devices have to operate properly using the correct maintenance practices. So, how do you keep your unit clean, improve  … Read more

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4 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Lab

No matter what type of lab you run, enhancing your daily operations should be a central goal. Workplace efficiency keeps your lab functioning at high levels of productivity. And, of course, improving safety will protect your facility from dangerous errors. Ultimately, this protects your staff from hazards on a daily basis, much like personal protective  … Read more

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5 Important Considerations When Choosing a Lab Refrigerator or Freezer

For countless labs, selecting the right refrigerator or freezer is essential to maintaining quality control and consistent work output. It’s one of the most important factors in managing your daily operations and preserving the trust of your clients, in addition to selecting apparel. You might think that it’s as simple as choosing the one that  … Read more

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Finding the Right Apparel For Your Lab’s Cleanroom

The uniform, or personal protective equipment (PPE) your employees wear in your cleanroom is one of the most essential components in maintaining the sanitation, safety and efficiency of the workspace. Particles lingering throughout the room can easily compromise the manufacturing and production process as well as your lab equipment. In addition, they can easily affect  … Read more

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4 Steps to Maintaining Your Morgue Refrigerator

A morgue refrigerator is a critical piece of equipment for any hospital or mortuary. Not only does it keep the bodies from decomposing, but it also protects them and staff from any contaminants. A properly maintained morgue refrigerator is the best way to store bodies waiting for autopsy. Furthermore, they are best maintained by a  … Read more

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4 Essential Practices for Pharmaceutical Labs

Few industries are as integral to the public wellbeing as medicine.  The pharmaceutical labs that produce medications we need can’t work without rigorous attention to detail and proper laboratory practices. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if it’s equipment calibration or managerial structure. Everything that governs a pharmaceutical lab should uphold practices that keep production high and  … Read more