Close-up of a scientist in protective suit with hazardous blue chemical in flask at the laboratory

7 Common Lab Safety Symbols

In any lab setting, the highest priority must¬†always be safety. Of course, it’s no secret that lab workers often execute dangerous tasks and handle lethal substances. Therefore, maintaining high precautionary standards is essential to keeping personnel safe at all times. At Cryostar Industries, we have almost twenty years of experience in providing expert equipment services  … Read more

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5 Simple Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Lab

Just about every single industry is actively looking for new ways to implement earth-conscious policies. Of course, scientific industries are no exception.¬†Like most other businesses, you’re likely looking for green solutions regularly. Fortunately, there are simple, immediate actions you can take for a more eco-friendly lab. For the most part, laboratories require a lot of  … Read more

Thermal and humidity chamber for products testing

A Guide to Maintaining & Repairing Environmental Test Chambers

When it comes to research and testing, the environmental test chamber is essential. Without a doubt, the labs who use them are very much dependent on them to develop biological, electronic and many more products. In this post, we’ll explore precisely what environmental test chambers are, how to maintain them, and how to navigate repairs.  … Read more

Blur abstract background of ultra low temperature freezer for specimens storage in laboratory testing in medical hospital

4 Ways to Extend the Life of a ULT Freezer

ULT freezers are designed specially for blood banks, hospitals, research institutes, and other facilities. These freezers will contain materials such as bacteria, virus, blood, and semen. The type of freezer you choose will depend on what you need to keep cold and where it needs to be placed. While these freezers are built to be  … Read more

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Lab Freezer & Refrigerator Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment

Whether in a university or hospital, lab refrigerator and freezer maintenance should be regularly carried out for maximum efficiency. Nowadays, functioning cold storage units are essential for preserving safety, cost-efficiency and quality assurance. For example: the COVID-19 vaccine can only maintain efficacy within ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers. In order to ensure consistent, adequately low temperatures,  … Read more

Class III biological safety cabinet

What is a Bio Safety Cabinet & What is it used for?

One of the most notable scientific devices is the biological safety cabinet (BSC). Of course, these fulfill a dual purpose of keeping workers safe while also maintaining quality. It’s one of the instruments that are vital enough to need regular certification. But, what exactly do labs use biological safety cabinets (BSC) for? In this post,  … Read more

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5 Tips to Running a Cost-Efficient Lab

Every lab employee knows just how quickly things can go seriously wrong. Lab equipment is delicate, and often very expensive. A few careless missteps can lead to severe problems. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain a lab and prevent costly disasters. You can keep your lab cost-efficient, eco-friendly and productive with just a few simple,  … Read more

A scientist in sterile coverall gown placing cell culture flasks in the CO2 incubator. Doing biological research in clean environment. Cleanroom facility

How Often Should a CO2 Incubator be Calibrated?

Calibration is an important part of maintaining CO2 incubator performance. In fact, it’s critical to maintaining the performance of most lab equipment. So, how often should you calibrate? If you’re properly maintaining the incubator, then you should only need to calibrate a few times per year. However, if not, then we recommend monthly CO2 calibration.  … Read more

Doctor's hand holding bottle vaccine Covid-19 from storage box

ULT Freezers & the COVID-19 Vaccine

Within recent months, COVID-19 has completely upended our personal and professional lives as we know them. However, luckily, it seems as if widespread vaccination is on the horizon. And, out of the handful of vaccines that are in development, the two closest to being released will require specific temperatures in order to be effective. As  … Read more

technician add blood tube in to centrifuge for separate serum out of red blood cells

3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Centrifuge

For numerous scientific industries, a centrifuge is a valuable (and necessary) device. At Cryostar, we have a diverse range of services in place to repair, maintain and calibrate these instruments. Countless labs rely on their centrifuges to develop their samples and perform daily procedures. Admittedly, a centrifuge is a complex device. Therefore, the notion of  … Read more