Doctor's hand holding bottle vaccine Covid-19 from storage box

ULT Freezers & the COVID-19 Vaccine

Within recent months, COVID-19 has completely upended our personal and professional lives as we know them. However, luckily, it seems as if widespread vaccination is on the horizon. And, out of the handful of vaccines that are in development, the two closest to being released will require specific temperatures in order to be effective. As  … Read more

technician add blood tube in to centrifuge for separate serum out of red blood cells

3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Centrifuge

For numerous scientific industries, a centrifuge is a valuable (and necessary) device. At Cryostar, we have a diverse range of services in place to repair, maintain and calibrate these instruments. Countless labs rely on their centrifuges to develop their samples and perform daily procedures. Admittedly, a centrifuge is a complex device. Therefore, the notion of  … Read more

Selective focus of ultra low temperature -70 degree celsius freezer for keeping specimens for laboratory testing in hospital

4 Things to Check When Your Lab’s ULT Freezer Fails

A lab’s ULT freezer is critical to your work. However, what do you do when it stops working? How do you properly diagnose its error? What should you be checking if it starts malfunctioning? In this post, we’ll discuss what you should do when your lab’s ultra-low temperature freezer malfunctions. At Cryostar Industries, we know  … Read more

A scientist in sterile coverall gown placing cell culture flasks in the CO2 incubator. Doing biological research in clean environment

CO2 Incubators: Features You Should Know

Bio-scientists around the world rely on their CO2 incubators to stimulate the growth of organic materials like cells or tissue. At Cryostar, we know just how critical these machines are to the work of bio-science labs. Additionally, we do everything we can to help keep them functional and in great shape.   5 Important CO2  … Read more

3 Common Myths About Used Lab Equipment

Not every lab has the necessary budget to fill the lab with the most cutting-edge and brand new equipment. In fact, many labs have to operate in a more cost-efficient way. There are several savvy tactics administrators can employ in order to stay within their budget. Nowadays, one of the more cost-efficient ways to keep  … Read more

Work has stopped in a lab with equipment that is not working properly

Lab Equipment Services: Repair vs Replace?

A vital piece of lab equipment has broken down. Now what? How do you know if you should replace or repair your lab equipment? It can be tough making that decision. Especially when you are relying on scientific equipment to carry out your day-to-day operations. Additionally, you may find equipment that is not performing well  … Read more

scientist conducting an audit of lab equipment

3 Steps to a Successful Internal Lab Audit

What lab manager isn’t familiar with preparing for inspections? In professional labs, inspections are a necessary part of the job. Basically, they’re conducted to ensure safety and compliance with all guidelines and policies. There are several ways that lab administrators prepare for successful inspections. A popular way to prepare is conducting an internal lab audit.  … Read more

collection of laboratory glassware equipment

Basic Laboratory Glassware and Equipment

Picture the modern lab. What do you see? Chances are, you’re picturing a lot of complex instruments and glassware. And you wouldn’t be wrong! Every lab, regardless of industry, relies on equipment and glassware. They’re an integral accessory to any lab’s work. However, are you familiar with the purpose of every glass beaker or pipette  … Read more

Hands in blue gloves holding pipette and test tube with poured blue chemical which placed on blurred background

The Best Pipettes for Your Lab

Part of keeping a lab functional is acquiring the right equipment for the job. Everything from CO2 incubators to fume hoods need thorough evaluation prior to purchasing. This way, you can be certain that the significant investment you’re making will provide maximum benefits. When it comes to pipettes, one of the most common lab tools,  … Read more

Microbiologist. Working in the fume hood. Researcher working with a Pipette in a Biochemistry Lab

Choosing the Right Fume Hood For Your Lab

For years, Cryostar has assisted labs in acquiring the best lab equipment for their work. Finding the right laboratory equipment isn’t just about being able to do your work. It’s also about keeping lab personnel safe, optimizing results, and ensuring consistent reliability. Choosing the right fume hood for you lab can be overwhelming. Finding the  … Read more